The brief was to design a new home for Sydney based creative agency The Idea Shed. Once the home of community radio in Sydney, the building featured some challenging internal structures, with uneven corridors, bulky columns, arches and bulkheads. A very large space, the new design needed to retain the warmth and flow offered by the company's previous 'close quarters'.

To add interest and the illusion of a raised ceiling, we exposed feature bulkheads and moved doors and walls to maintain workflow and communication between the departments. The teams are connected by a now wide, open corridor. At entry you are welcomed by a waiting area, where you will be greeted by staff and plants! A large communal lounge, dining and bar area form the central hub - a space where teams comes to think, work and play.

From a styling point of view, we started with a monochrome palate. The Director's office talks to a 50s Mad Men-esque style, whilst overall clean and white, with a light industrial feel, we've featured some very rich splashes of colour throughout, from black boardroom floor or rich green Quiet Room, to the bright blue Games Room.